What makes baby dresses for birthday party going different than the cute little dresses that wear the rest of the time? Most of the times the baby dresses for birthday party events are frilly dresses that require petticoats beneath them to make them stand out.

Baby dresses for birthday party events are expected to be very dressy, brightly colored, covered in ribbons and lace, and usually very expensive. Most people buy baby dresses for birthday party events and allow their children to wear them to one party, then they discard the clothing because they do not want people to think they can not afford to buy their children new clothing to wear to each event.

Children should be allowed to go to these parties dressed in clothing that they can play in and get dirty in. Birthday celebrations for children should not be formal affairs where the guests have to wear suits and frilly dresses. What child can enjoy eating a birthday cake if they are terrified they might spill some of the cake on their clothing and get it soiled?

Birthday celebrations for children should include cake, ice cream, punch, and games. Children should play lots of games at their parties. During the games they should get on the floor, get n the dirt, wrestle and tumble. They should not worry that their clothes could be dirtied because they were playing. They should go to a party to have fun not to impress someone.

The typical dresses that children wear to the events are very pretty and very formal. In order for parents to be able to afford so many of the little formal outfits that they often shop at second hand clothing stores that specialize in the resale of these types of clothing. These shops often sell the items at a greatly reduced rate.

Some of the shops that sell the little expensive dresses will allow the parent to buy the item and then bring it back to sell again. Most parents will do this before they allow the child to be seen wearing the same dress to more than one party. Some of these dresses cost as much as one thousand dollars and f the child is invited to several parties the parents could quickly spend tens of thousands of dollars on party clothes for their small children. The children would prefer to wear their jeans and tee shirts.

Source by Ador Talukdar