The first impression is the last impression, often heard about this proverb and of course this goes very true as your personality is judged by your physical appearance. Your looks are decided by the way of your accessorizing. The first thing which allures anyone is your dressing style, the way you present your self.

The perfect dress style includes flattering clothes which suit your body shape, make you feel comfortable as well further beautify your looks. To get that eye captivating perfect look one should know his / her body shape and get dressed accordingly. The ideal female body is moderately tall with a body balanced vertically, an hourglass figure and an oval-shaped face.

Unfortunately, all ladies are not blessed with the idyllic body style but one can smartly create an illusion of a perfect body by selecting dresses which create the appearance of perfect proportions. It’s all about balancing your perceivable shape to the “perfect” shape. Explore few of the basic body shapes and clothes flattering the same.

There are basically five types of body shapes:

  • Pear
  • Rectangle
  • Hourglass
  • Lollipop
  • Apple

Pear Shape

This body type is with wider hips than the chest and shoulders. The lower part of a body is heavier than the upper part and is one of the commonly found body structure. Choose tops with broad necklines and big buttons, semi-fitted clothes, wide-legged pants and deep dark colors. Flowing fabric straight or A-line skirts are best fitted. Avoid tight or very loose fitted clothes, jackets or blazers with slits at back, Avoid high-waist, shapeless jeans and skirts

Rectangle Shape

This is the straight body same from top to bottom with very little peasant curves. The rectangle body looks straight up and down. Weight gain would deposit even through the body. Try falling necklines, blousy shirts, ruffles, lace, or necktie, Shirts with pockets on the bust line, A-line skirts, boot cut pants and avoid skinny jeans, belts, and pleats.

Hourglass Shape

This is most desired body figure, with all curves in good proportion. Hourglass bodies have well-defined waists with hips and shoulders that are well balanced.

Choose semi-fitted clothes with too many accessories or soft, delicately patterned fabrics. All type of lower envelopes suits this body shape. Avoid tight or oversized styles, bold stripes, and plaids

Lollipop Shape

This is again the perfectly maintained body almost all models and glamorous stars are lucky to have such well-maintained body shape. Lollipop bodies are made for long and delicate evening gowns. Even the bell bottom trousers also suit the best to this kind of body shape.

Apple Shape

This body type is with the heavier upper part as compared to lower part with broad shoulders. In general, the upper body is noticeably larger compared to the lower body. Go for long tops covering hips, tunic style tops skimming around the waist, Boat necklines, turtlenecks and collared shirts, flare pants and wide-legged capris but avoid tops with puffy sleeves and short length, skimmed trousers, short and tight fit skirts.

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Source by Mamta Dhingra