Beard Care Tips

Ever have the feeling that you’re being poked – no, not by any external objects, but by your own beard? Especially prevalent with new growth – small, razor-sharp follicles pierce the skin mercilessly.

Consider it a right of passage into a bear hood. No pain, no gain. But you can have a little help on your own side. Even long-time beard keepers experience itching, scratching or dry skin.

The trick is – whether you are a newbie or a veteran – to respect the beard. Treat it at least as important as you would the hair on your head. So there are a couple of steps involved here.

First – when you shower to wash your facial hair – treat it nicely, lather it up, massage, get the oils and dirt trapped below and rinse it out.

Second – when you get out of the shower to use a comb with narrow teeth and brush your beard hair downwards while it is still wet. Make sure to clear out tangles, and groom it nicely.

Thirdly – apply an oil or a conditioner – if you have something specially formulated for beards, all the better, and work it evenly into your facial hair.

Fourth – resist the urge to scratch your beard like it’s the world’s itchiest place. Learn to ignore or use a soft cloth to take care of your itch instead of digging your nails into it.

Fifth – relax – your beard can grow naturally and easily, you don’t need to look after it every second. Every other day is a good schedule. Don’t over-brush, don’t overdo it. Take it easy.

Featured Image: Bombay Shaving Company
Source by Tas Aly