Love to play dress up? Why stop when you are young? There are countless ways you can continue to enjoy dressing up as you get older. In fact, you can become a true dress up girl if you want to and be stylish, fashionable and have a great time doing it.

Learn About Fashion

The first step for a dress up girl is to figure out the basics of fashions. Fortunately, there are huge numbers of fashion websites, fashion magazines and fashionable television shows you can watch to see how the specialists pull looks and designs together. Once you have seen it a few times, you can start to imitate and critique fashion on your own to design looks in your mind.

Play With Fashion Online

Once you have a basic understanding of how to pull pieces together in a fashionable way, take yourself online and practice your new skills in the online dress up girl games. In the game, you will have a blank slate of a girl ready to dress in hundreds of outfits. You can test your skills by pairing up items and adding accessories to the look before showing it to others in a bit of a fashion show and tell. There are discussion boards and forums dedicated to this purpose and there are plenty of another young fashion fanatic ready to critique and discussion designs with you.

Take It to the Store

Your next step is to take your new fashion sense to the stores. Beg some cash from your parents or use some of your own and start looking for some truly unique fashions. Dig around on the sale racks to find terrific bargains on fashion items. When you find something you like, grab it and take it with you to the dressing room. You need to take plenty with you. Grabbing just a couple of items might not be enough to really give you a good preview of what you really need to pull the fits together.

Grab as many good items as you can find and get away within the dressing room. Then try them on until you find a complete outfit you love. Once you have pulled it together, buy it as a full outfit and enjoy it that way every time you wear it. If you buy full sleeves every time you shop, you will never be stuck with items you never can match with anything else or clothes you are not interested in wearing.

Share It with Others

It is going pretty clear to others that you are learning a lot about fashion and it will not be long before they start coming to you for advice. When others ask, always be sure to tell them how much work it takes to learn the fashion skills you have gained as a dress up girl and you might even decide to guide them in their own quest to learn how to pull outfits together and look as great as you do now.

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