If there’s one man who can and deserves to have it all in Bollywood, it ought to be Amitabh Bachchan.

He is the one who has the sexiest baritone, envious height, soaring popularity, brilliant cinema under his belt and can pull off any attire or character no matter what.

Amitabh Bachchan or Big B has majestically earned the title of the most stylish male celebrity in Bollywood, be it the ‘Jack Sparrow’ garb or the legendary ‘Shahenshah’ outfit.

From fashion to cinema, Big B always gets it right. And so, we decided to have an exclusive feature on Big B’s fashion sense.

What became popular during British rule has still not left the wardrobe of Megastar Amitabh Bachchan. Though bandhgalas are a perfect option for weddings and formal occasions, Big B doesn’t need a special event to don the outfit. He can just wear it, sit on a chair and create a style statement.


A wise man once said, never go out of style. Tuxedos are style and another wise man still swears by it. Tuxedos are apt for weddings and formal dinners, and Big B clearly knows how to play around with this ever-so-elegant attire.


Teaming a jacket along with a scarf can be tricky, except for the ‘Piku’ star. Talking about this particular one, we can just say that he sure knows how to keep it casual yet edgy.


Finding the perfect jacket is easy but finding the right colour is certainly not. But, this surely doesn’t apply to Big B as he can make a less popular colour look so effortlessly stylish and make it the next trend.


Aviators have always ruled the trend, courtesy their sharp yet elegant design. But, one person who can make them look sassier and trendier is Big B. Any time of the day, he can make them look darn good.


Cable wire sweaters are so popular that season after season, we all fall for it. But then, carrying it in simple yet impressive way is something we need to learn from the Shahenshah.


Formal wear colours are mostly restricted to blues, whites, greys and blacks, but with Big B, everything is limitless! Anything different than the usual arrives and Big B’s wardrobe sure has it.


Hats are mostly considered a thing for the Hollywood celebs but only until Big B chooses not to flaunt it.


If you have forgotten how to wear a velvet coat, Mr. Bachchan plays the fashion God here!