In today’s era when smartphones have replaced all the other gadgets in our lives, be it a camera or a music player, one common mishap that we all face is the constant need for a charging point.

Juggling so many functions takes a toll on the little box of entertainment and utility in the form constant battery drainage. Though the companies are coming up with bigger and better batteries, this does not counter the fact that we need a charging point every few hours.

Therefore, you will be quite surprised to know that we all may have been charging our phone the wrong way, all this while!

Yes, since the inception of the smartphone revolution, we have been told to charge our phones once to full, and then only recharge once the battery has gone really low. But, not many know that this one of the biggest myths.

Take a look as we bust such false facts and tell you how to charge your phone the right way so that you never run out of juice.

#1 Never charge to full in one go

Always try charging your phone in short bursts and not to the full in one go. All smartphones have Lithium battery which wears out if charged for long intervals. Basically, it bursts the myth that a single charge keeps the battery fine and multiple charges wears it out.

#2 Never charge it to 100%

This is yet another trick that should be up your sleeves if you want your batteries to last longer. Instead of charging it to 100%, try charging in short bursts as and when the battery runs out of juice.

#3 Never charge it overnight

Supporting the fact stated before this, longer charges wear out the battery, hence, say no to overnight charging which almost all of us are guilty of doing.

#4 Never charge with your case on

Yes, and we have a good reason for it. Phone cases lead to the heating of the battery which can lead to its damaging. Hence, for a quicker charging and a healthier battery that lasts long, take out your case before you plug your smartphone in for charging.

Well, you can thank us later.

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