If you are a robot freak and a die-hard fan of the Transformers franchise, you will be thrilled to watch this real-life BMW transformer made by Turkish engineers.

A team of 12 engineers and four supporting technicians from Turkish company called ‘Letvision’ has recently unveiled a transforming robot based on a BMW 3 Series coupe, called as ANTIMON.

According to Gizmodo, the amazing Letrons BMW model, which can be operated by using a remote, has a number of features like arm and hand movements. It can turn its head 120 degrees, has dynamic hydraulic controls and also sports a dynamic lighting system.


The car also has a sound system, an HD LCD, WiFi technology as well as a reactive camera to perform speech and movement capabilities.

The ANTIMON cannot walk, but the engineers said that this functionality can also be added if they find a buyer who is willing to pay them for such innovation.

The company has shared a series of videos on its official website and also on YouTube to explain Antimon.

However, the Turkish engineers who designed this robot car clarified that it won’t come cheap, though it is now possible to have such cars.

Watch this amazing video to see how an ordinary car turns into a transformer.