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Usually, male kids love to play with robots because it gives reality to the robot games and movies that they admire on television. Although most robot movies demonstrate fighting and power exhibition. It is still proven as good toys for kids. Its complex styles and complicated parts have the power to trigger learning and mind advancement to the child. As early as seven years old, robot kits for kids could already be introduced to your child. This will not just make your child aware of robotics but it will also make him wise, resolve the complicated problem and analyze what to do.

To begin your child’s learning about robotics or robot building, you can get him a beginner robot kit for kids. The kit is the complete set of a particular robot kit project. It includes all the needed parts, tools and the instruction necessary for part assembling. On the first robotic study of your child, he could learn some important mechanical and electronic parts, how mechanical systems are put together and how to handle simple hand tools. On his first try, it is also important that you still provide oversight because he might have some question and difficulties regarding the parts and the assembling process, you should still be their guide and show him the right way to do things right.

After your child is done with his first robot kit and you see his passion to learn more, you could introduce higher level or advance robot kits for kids that already involved programming. In this stage, he could learn the basics of electronics and computer programming allowing him to analyze things better. He could know how electricity work, its effect on things and the power that it has to manage things. As long as your child has the passion for robotics or robot building continue nurturing it by providing him differently and kits and project to work with, and best give him additional reading and references related to robotics. Through this he could develop his interest and expand his knowledge and awareness since analyzing, mechanics, electronics and programming is part of our daily tasks.

On the negative side, the disastrous characters of robots on movies shown on television of could also influence your child’s behaviour but still, that depends upon the training and discipline given by the parent to his child. Through proper explanation and enlightenment of the right things to the child will effectively avoid this situation. Although robot kits for kids bear a tag that it is “for kids” it could also be enjoyed by parents and adults. Actually, you and your child could work together making a robotic project because it will improve both of your knowledge and at the same time develop child and parent relationship.

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