Going to gym every morning, when you know about your exhausting work schedules is the biggest barrier between you and your fitness. The internal monologue of numerous questions like how long will it take to get there? What time will you get home? How much hours sleep you will get? Are enough to make you want to skip your gyming sessions altogether.

According to a report by TOI a survey was done by Fitraq, which says seven out of 10 people quit within 0-90 days of joining a gym.

Mohammed Aamir, fitness head, north India for Snap Fitness, a chain of gyms that has partnered with aggregators like Gympik and Fitternity, tells a different story. He says in the reports that every time a person uses a new gym, there will be new trainers and, machines, new environment, which may prevent some people from settling into a fitness routine.

So here are the apps, which can definitely be the next Uber for fitness.

Fitpass: This is an app-based pass, which gives users access to over 1,000 gyms and fitness studios in NCR for any workout, any time and costs Rs 999. This app lets users pop into any of the listed gyms, anytime, without worrying about membership. According to reports Kabir Bhartiya, a resident of north Delhi’s Model Town, works in Noida and found his long work commute is the barrier he is facing into his exercise time. So he came across this app, and now he manages to exercise four days a week by going to a gym in Noida on the busier days. You can download this app from Google play store.

Gympik: This app helps you find a gym from the choices of over 6,000 gyms and 4,000 trainers in 20 cities. Kaavya Ramaswamy an IT professional in Bengaluru found her choice of gym, which had weight-loss, core strength and better posture, as other just offers one-size-fits-all cardio and weight-loss packages. You can also download this app here.

FitPass, FiTicket and Fitraq: These apps let you be fickle and flexible by allowing access to multiple gyms and workout routines at a nominal charge, and saves customers from gyms that function like a marketplace. Also they aim to plug the gap between what’s available and what users want offering with many options -be it Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, boot camp, body combat or aerobics -with reviews and attractive rates. Download FitPass, FiTicket and log on to Fitraq to stay fit.

But at the end all that matters is the dedication to stay fit and reach the fitness goal.