Another mini-revolution that has overtaken the world is the advent of laptops. A major computer maker, Toshiba, in conjunction with Sony Computers, got together and decided to shrink the personal computer (PC) in order to make it smaller and portable. This meant that personal computing was no longer limited to just sitting behind a desk. One could now pack their computer into a small carrier bag and go off with it. The term “laptops” started from here because these mini computers could be used, apart from one’s desk, by simply putting it on one’s lap. The laptop was then used to refer to smaller portable computers as opposed to “desktops” which were the regular computers that sit on desks in many offices and homes.

Laptops are made by simply compacting the usual components of the personal computers and major computer manufacturers such as Dell, Toshiba, Sony, HP-Compaq and other such as Acer and Lenovo have a major market share when it comes to computers. Dell brought in the concept of customizing computers for its customers. This was a welcome relief because it equipped buys with the power to choose exactly what they wanted to be included in their new computer in terms of memory size, hard-drive size, processor speed and more. All this could be done right from the Dell company website. Other companies followed suit and the era of customization was here.

In the past, people could only customize as far as the components. This is still important because the computer is all about performance and performance is all about components. But today customization has actually extended even to the way the computer actually looks. Here we are talking about cosmetic appearance. While most computers come in black and grey, the top computer manufacturers have begun to crank out laptops that come in different colours. One of the colours is pink and this is one of the most popular laptop colours now in the open market.

But today, laptops are not the sole domain of lone businessmen, researchers working on projects or lecturers and teachers. This is partly because they have become more hip and also because of what computers are used for. Computers used to be created for work-related tasks and that is why they were popular with businessmen and researchers and others. But today laptops, also called “notebooks” have become multimedia centres coming with more RAM, more processor capability and more storage.

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Source by Theodor Cartman