New Delhi: Home to some of the world’s most beautiful cities and small towns where people still believe in simplicity and lucidity, Japan has one of the world’s most beautiful historic monuments and a very subtle and unique range of flora and fauna. No wonder, Japan has attracted tourists throughout the year.

In an added attraction, tourists may just have another reason to enjoy the alluring and serene island country. Ichibansen, a futuristic design company, has introduced a train named Echigo Tokimeki Resort Setsugekka. What’s special about it? The train sports huge windows instead of walls.


The train is gracefully decorated, having an interior that is trim and tasteful. Consisting of only 45 seats spread spaciously in two coaches, the first car is reserved for enjoying the scenic beauty while the second has a French restaurant with a cocktail bar area with a vintage touch.


Starting from the west part of the Niigata prefecture, the locomotive has replaced its walls for windows, resulting in marvellous views as an outcome.

From carriages to the driver’s chamber, everything is made up of cocooned glass panels giving the passengers a closer and a much clear view of the inner working of the train. The carriages resemble glass tubes which helps the passengers to enjoy Japans landscape constituted of both mountains and oceans effortlessly.


The concept behind the interior of the locomotive was to make it local. To achieve the look, the body was painted in a vermillion red that allows it to glow with the nature as it moves along the ocean. The furniture was made of domestic natural lumber and the food in the restaurant includes sake and plates produced with local products.


A ticket for one that includes a meal costs £100 (approx. Rs 10,000), while the fare without food is £40 (approx. Rs 4,000).