Internet is the need of the hour. Want anything, just google it, and you are presented with a plethora of answers to choose from. Barring a few solutions that might be preposterous and even outrageous, there are a few gems that pop up, and make our life easier. One such gem was what we came across while striving to bring you something amazing. And that is this trick.

No matter how much we love the internet and credit it for making our lives smooth, one has to admit that there is nothing even remotely irritating than an erratic and slow internet connection. Imagine having to sit for five whole minutes after you have put in your query in the search bar! The shortest horror story, right?


Well, no more.


We came across this amazing video-cum-step by step tutorial that will tell you how exactly you can boost the speed of your internet THREE TIMES just by following few easy steps.

Watch now!!


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h/t: Youtube

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