The amazing new e-book reader launched by Amazon, called Kindle is the talk of the town these days. About as small as a paperback book, this device is capable of reading all types of files right from Word docs to HTML to text files as well as .MOBI. Here are a couple of things you need to be aware of while using the Kindle.

Word doc transitions frugally

If you wish to transfer a Word document using Kindle you will need to shell out 10 cents for every file sent. So for all of you who are frugal minded there is a free alternative indeed. For obtaining free transfers of files you just need to send the attachment to’name’ where name stands for the ID used for your Kindle email address. So if the Kindle email ID is then attachments need to be sent to and then the file gets converted and emailed to the associated Amazon account. Then simply transfer the file to Kindle via a USB port.

Be in touch with the news

If you’re a busy traveler who needs to be in sync with what’s happening in the world, you can do so easily with the Kindle. It allows you to read through diverse newspapers and magazines via access through the EVDO internet connectivity. You can easily transfer these files onto your laptop for easy reading later! So if you are stuck at an airport or are on a plane you can always be in touch with the news no matter where you are. No need to print because you can directly read the news on Kindle itself!

Search ability

Kindle’s Now. Now is a brand new search functionality which enables you to hunt for virtually anything you wish for. Using a query string you can now search for any topic you want. The search functionality provided by Kindle Now is powered by Mechanical Turn from Amazon which is a distributed work system.

Formatting convenience

Most standard pages follow the 8.5×11 inch dimension format. Transferring them into the reader like Sony’s will mean that you need to format them yourself which can be very tedious and time consuming. Instead, Kindle can do the formatting for you perfectly for a small charge. You just need to send the file to Kindle and Amazon will convert and email the file back to you. Instead of doing the shaping all by yourself this looks like a great utility.

More fonts and faster page access

Now you can avail 6 new font types instead of the regular 3 fonts found in the Sony Reader. The new Kindle has 6 font types which make reading a pleasure. Besides this you can also turn through pages much faster and even their scrolling keys are a great feature.

Easy on your eyes and lightweight

On a sunny day you do not need to worry about the glare hurting your eyes while reading the Kindle. It has the unique e-ink technology which uses reflected light as compared to transmitted light. Also it has an electronic paper display which is easy on your eyes no matter what the weather is. Besides this it weighs just 10.3 ounces and so is completely lightweight and easy to carry.

Free wireless access provided

Considering that you get EVDO connectivity free of cost, the charge to convert files is a small price to pay. Besides this compared to the host of features Kindle provides the market price of 400 dollars is not all that much.

Source by James Kara Murat