If you have to buy an interesting gift for your friend, father or even boyfriend, here’s a list of cool gift ideas that are ideal for the man who loves gadgets and gizmos and always knows what he wants.

The irreplaceable iPod. Every man wants an iPod. This is not because he actually wanted to listen to music all day, but because now he can. He can listen to music in his car, at work, at the gym and even at home – but best of all, he can listen to the music that he wants to listen to! The iPod is the irreplaceable accessory of the 21st century, and whether you want a Nano or a Mini, every man knows the social benefits of having this great little music player. Here’s a tip: the bigger the better! And if it has a full-colour movie screen, this will make the perfect gift for someone special.

The automatic toilet seat. This is not a joke. Ask any man what he hates most about living with his wife or girlfriend and he’ll tell you that he hates being yelled at about leaving the toilet seat up. An automatic toilet seat is a nifty gadget that automatically lifts up when it senses that there is someone standing in front of it, and will automatically flush and put itself down again when that person has moved away. Not only is this great for avoiding potential toilet-seat fights but it is also really smart for mid-night bathroom excursions when you sometimes forget to check if the toilet seat is up at all (because really it should be at all times anyway!).

A set of stylish novelty cufflinks. Cufflinks are the hallmark of the sophisticated individual and the true gentleman. Also, they make every man feel like he is James Bond for a night. Forget about those stuffy crest cufflinks that have your initials on them and get a set of sophisticated novelty cufflinks that are actually miniature working dice, or a light up poker chip, or even working carpenters levels! Endless fun is had by all when pairing these cheeky cufflinks with a stylish French cuffs shirt.

The remote-controlled helicopter. Every man is actually a little boy trapped inside a man’s body, and that boy wants big man toys. Do not fool yourself – remote control helicopters are the most awesome and most incredible big man toy around! You get to pilot your own helicopter through the treacherous swamps of your home and safely get those little paratroopers to their secret mission in your living room, and sometimes (when your girlfriend is out of the house) you can invite your friends over and have helicopter wars and try to avoid obstacles like the ceiling fan and expensive artworks!

The totally awesome Space Pen. This pen is more than just a simple ink-filled pen! The legendary Space Pen can write upside down, underwater and can even work in space! The first and only pen designed to withstand the anti-gravitational forces, this pen is ultra cool and looks awesome too. Enough said!

Featured Image: winsant
Source by Alain Picard