The biggest challenged faced by most car owners it the rising fuel cost. Coupled with the credit crunch crisis has caused financial stress for many blue-collar workers. With rising global crude oil prices, the car fuel expense bill will be growing bigger in the near future. It is not surprising that many people are looking for gas saving gadgets to reduce their vehicle fuel consumption. One such gadget is a water to fuel conversion device for cars. What is the science behind this new technology? This article will reveal the hidden secret of a water to fuel energy conversion kit for cars.

To start reducing your car fuel consumption, the water to fuel conversion device, in essence, converts your car into a hydrogen hybrid vehicle. By using an electrolysis device, the hydrogen gas (H2) can easily be generated from water. The whole process is possible because water is an element made from 2 units of hydrogen and one unit of oxygen hence its chemical name H2O. Hydrogen gas is produced when the electrolysis device is switched on with power from the battery. Next, the H2 created is to be released into the engine air filtration system.

When a car is running, fresh air and the hydrogen gas will be drawn into the combustion chambers. Inside the chambers, H2 will combine with gasoline fume and burned. By mixing H2 and gas in the engine, the end result is a smoother and larger engine horsepower. When is the car is burning the same amount of fuel with a higher horsepower, the vehicle is capable of travelling a longer distance thus increasing its mileage. With better fuel mileage, the vehicle owner can start saving money on gasoline expenses.

The water to fuel gadget can be set up quite easily on a car engine. You do not need a mechanical engineering degree to do the project. Most of the key components needed for the conversion are readily available from a hardware store. You can start the water to fuel conversion process by buying a modification project guide online. With the current high fuel prices, any technology that can reduce gasoline expenses will be a blessing.

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Source by Ken J. Maxwell