The elderly must be the first to thank the technological advances of our time. Technology has seemed, worked overtime to make gadgets that can make life safer and more comfortable especially for the elderly and the working class. If the Personal computer has made the daily office chores more convenient for the executive the processor’s circuitry has been incorporated into many gadgets of daily use. From talking watches and timepieces to ordinary cutting gadgets that are painted with contrasting colours that make the food being cut stand out and easier to see. Large text magnifiers and text to speech gadgets are becoming more popular with the aged who are fond of reading.

Opening a tight jar can be choir a chore and a strain, it is not always possible to have a burly male around when you need to get that jar opened. The Gripper is a gadget that sits on top of the jar and cuts the cover open without slipping and sliding and no strain at all. The Magic Chef is another helpful gadget for the elderly. This 1.1 cubic foot 1000 watt oven actually verbally counts down while it cooks the food. It also reads out the instructions of operation while you are pressing the controls. Nothing could be easier. Then there are the talking thermometers and measuring cups to make cooking easier. The list of gadgets for the elderly is actually endless.

I think the problem here may be that of lack of awareness of the existence of gadgets suitable for the elderly. Most people in the population segment are not very internet friendly and a lot of them are not forthcoming in trying a new device or gadget. I feel some awareness that can sometimes be created by the various agencies involved in the care for the elderly might help.

Featured Image: Jacaranda Trace
Source by Anmol Taneja