Robots have been showing up everywhere, from car assembly lines to air duct cleaning companies. Now there’s a robot designed to make you money. If you trade foreign currencies (Forex), you know that timing is critical. A Forex robot can take the guesswork out of this by automatically entering and exiting your trades at the right time. It could not be easier.

Using a robot to trade is like having a seasoned pro standing behind you, guiding the way, except, with a robot, it’s doing the trading, not you. You can be off doing whatever you like. Still, the trades will be entered and the profits will be made.

Trading the forex can be very exciting and profitable. But remember, it’s a zero-sum game. For every winner, there’s a loser on the other side of the trade. To be a winner, you only have to be right more than half the time. With a robot, you can expect to be a winner way more than half the time, and some of them show a history of winning more than 85 percent of the time! Imagine what that would mean in the profit column.

There are several programs available online that will get you going with your own robot to direct your trading. Most are simple to install and get running, linking right in with your online broker’s platform. Some are quite active and will put on trades several times a day. Others will trade less frequently, only when conditions are optimal, but they generally also have a higher win ratio.

These automated programs have a long history of winning trades and can be back-tested to show their validity. You can also look at the results obtained from recent live trades for confirmation. Best of all, you can link them to trade practice trades without risking real money. This should provide the necessary validation. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran trader, a robot can help you become more profitable.

The top rated trading robots found online show fantastic results, winning upwards of 88% of all trades made. One actually reports a record of 100 percent winners. The downside of using this particular program is that it will constantly spend a good portion of the trade in negative territory, which can be tough for some traders to handle psychologically, but it’s designed to never close a losing trade. These trades will often last for several days.

Foreign Exchange currency trading can be profitable and exciting. With a Forex robot doing the trading for you the guesswork is eliminated and the risk removed. What could be easier? It almost seems unlikely to those who do not know the secret. For every winner, there’s a loser. Which would you prefer?

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Source by Brian Kolewe