Most folks still believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will never surpass human creativity, but those views are fairly species-centric and full of poor thinking. Sorry to offend you but we have AI today already that can do original painting, music, and are on the cusp of coming up with entirely new concepts – using much the same technique as humans – borrowing a little bit from many categories and synthesizing that information to come up unique insight. Let’s talk, I’d like to take this conversation to a higher level if you will permit me, if not click out and go read about some celebrity’s Tweet of the Day.

Okay so, we all know that when we come up with new ideas, it’s usually because we bring something from one domain or industry and apply it somewhere else, presenting a ‘new way’ to solve a problem. Through trial-and-error, we get better at this, until eventually we realize that we can better nearly any system or way of doing things and make our efforts more efficient. Those who fail at this too much, tend to go back and do everything by the ‘approved method’ until eventually we are imprisoned by the entrenched authority to the point that we stop asking questions or challenging experts. Maybe this is why younger people, especially children are more creative than older humans.

This process of taking information, methods, and/or observations from one endeavour to the next isn’t a difficult idea to comprehend, and it is, in fact, a method in and of itself. Therefore, it is teachable, or should I say ‘programmable’ into software using rules:

(1) Scan all information combine solutions from any or all categories, industries, sciences and come up with possible alternative solutions.

(2) Evaluate all possible alternative options or solutions.

(3) Choose the top 3 potential best options for efficiency, cost, weight, time, or other parameters.

(4) Pick the best option and implement.

Although that sounds rather technical, and less creative than a human mind might come up with solutions or original concepts, essentially, that equals creativity or at least the very near appearance of creativity when viewing and considering the final output.

Let me give you an example of how we could use the AI supercomputer “Watson” by IBM to do this, using the “Jeopardy” strategy – step-by-step:

(A) First, have the Super Computer put together every possible English word in every possible combination.

(B) Second, ask Watson what each combination means.

(C) Third, have Watson give us a % of correctness it believes each definition is.

(D) Forth, throw away anything less than 50% estimated correctness.

(E) Fifth, crowdsource ‘all of the answers’ to be read by humans for potential ‘original concepts’.

In doing this we will have come up with the 100s of 1000s of new ideas for humankind. Totally creative resultants, using AI, and we will have done it, almost immediately. Imagine that level of AI ability, imagine the innovative disruption, and understand no Think Tank or group of humans could ever compete with that, but with human review of the resultants, that is to say, AI Super Computer + Human Review – we can. Don’t Hesitate, Be Great.

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Featured Image: Analytics India mag
Source by Lance Winslow