Your smartphone is a huge place, technically speaking, with numerous apps at your disposal ready to heed to your command at the slightest flick of your fingertips. However, finding the app which is perfect for you is a huge task in the sea of apps, with many you may never even have heard about. Choosing the right app is not only essential to make the most of your smartphone, it could even have a bearing on the performance of your smartphone.

Here, we bring you nine tips to address your problems to address your woes. The idea is to help you spend less time searching and more time using.

Recommended Apps: Both Android and iOS recommends some of the most popular apps in their store, which should be the first step to download an app.

Android recommends apps that your Google+ friends have liked or the apps, which are similar to your app collection. Also the more apps you download your recommendation will become stronger.

On iOS there is a ‘Games You Might Like’ section at the bottom of the ‘Featured’ screen. This is also based on your purchase history, and similarly the more games you’ve downloaded the better its suggestions get.

Apps downloaded by others: On Google Play, you scroll down to the bottom of the app’s listing, where you’ll find a ‘users also installed’ section. This will help you as this section has apps similar to your viewing.

In iOS press the the ‘Related’ tab and you will get a list of things that customers also bought. By using this you are basically letting other people do the searching for you.

Apps rated good: Always take a look at the average score of an app on either Google Play or the App Store that can usually tell you whether it’s worth any more of your attention as less than three stars and the answer is probably no.

Also you should take a look at how many people have reviewed an app. You can also read some of the reviews so that you can make the judgment whether you would like to download or not.

Similar apps: Both Android and iOS highlights what they believe to be similar apps to whatever you’re looking at.

Android users can scroll down to the ‘Similar apps’ section on its page on Google Play, and iOS users can check by hitting the ‘Related’ button on the App Store.

Same developers app: If you like one app by a developer, there are chances to like other apps by the same developer. To take a look at the developers app on both Android and iOS you can do this by scrolling down to near the bottom of an app listing and tapping ‘Developer Apps’ on iOS or ‘More by…’ on Android.

Take care of updates: Both Android and iOS informs you when an app was last updated and about all the recent updates, which will give a fare hint on the apps growth.

If the app is not been updated in years then it is likely that your bugs and problems will not be treated and updated.

Editors Choice: Both Apple and Google has an ‘Editors’ Choice’ section, which has a list of apps and games that team has particularly recommend.

Filter Apps: You can also find some of the finest apps with filtering the subcategories, recommendations and collections of apps, or just head to the top charts to see what’s most popular.

Search terms: If you know you want to find write down the correct search terms. You can also change the search term a bit to get new results, for example searching ‘social media’, but ‘social’, ‘social network’ and ‘messaging’ will all turn up slightly different results.