Theaters are typically provided with a minimum of 16 dramatic sound effects. When talking about 4d movie theatres, where the seats in the hall move according to the movement in the film appearing on the screen, additional chairs can be arranged in the available space. In addition to seats, these movie halls are provided with other special effects to offer the real movie-watching experience to the visitors. These special effects include exclusive sound effects, spraying of water when the same shows on the screen and with the great excitation offered, visitors will be motivated to visit the theatre again and again as soon as a new film is advertised.

With the number of people visiting cinema halls reducing these days due to popularity and availability of home theatres, the owners of cinema halls are taken to take some steps to attract more and more visitors. One such tactic followed by most of the hall owners is including some shopping malls and restaurants in the area of the cinema hall in such a way that family people can come and enjoy the cinema and can spend their time in the shopping mall and can finish their dinner in the restaurants attached before leaving their home.

One of the tactics that can be followed by Movie Theater owners for attracting more and more viewers is to alter their movie hall into 4d Movie Theater. Since watching movies in these halls can offer a real adventurous experience to the visitors, more and more people will begin to visit the hall. For enabling the theatre owners to convert their hall into 4d type, there are companies specifically offering the service of conversion of a normal hall into a 4d hall by providing it with the appropriate type of seats and other special effects for offering the best movie watching experience to the visitors.

Even the 4d theatre can be easily converted into 5d theatre by adding special effects like tickling under the seat, personal speaker on the back of each seat, etc … and these effects will offer the live experience to the viewers when such scenes appear on the film. When contacting a manufacturer for this purpose, it is better to ensure that they have experience in creating these types of movie halls for theatre owners in such a way that they can get more and more visitors for their hall and can make them happy.

Featured Image: Y Magazine

Source by Shyam Vatikar