New Delhi: Museum has always been a place where one can find unique artefacts related to culture, history, science etc. But an artist has changed the way one looks at the museum.

AP Shreethar, has created a unique art museum for people who love photo ops. Known as the ‘Click Art Museum’ is India’s first interactive 3D museum which is no less than a paradise for those who love interacting with art.

Based in Chennai, this museum holds 24 3D art pieces and is open for the public to experiment with taking photos in various angles.

Here’s a look at the amazing art pieces inside the museum which will surely make you change the way you click pictures:


Come and click a selfie with the chimpanzee.


Watch out for that deadly Bruce Lee kick.


Take part in the puppet show.


A perfect art for all those love birds.


Have a tussle with fire breathing dragons.


This one will make you the perfect ‘mankind’s angel’ (Your friends might make fun of you though)


Are you brave enough to face that bull?


How would you react to this pic of girl who is cool with her legs sitting on the other end of the sofa.