Finding your way around the World of Warcraft’s massive fantasy realm, Azeroth, can be fascinating, but when your characters have their own pets by their sides it can be even more fun. WoW creators, Blizzard Inc., have programmed the ability for characters to collect and sell so many different pets or companions that it’s difficult to know which ones you should collect and which ones you can sell at a great profit.

These cute little pets are often called ‘vanity pets’ and they’re usually non-combat pets, which means they’re only there for companionship or to give your own character a point of difference between you and everyone else.

What Level Does My Character Need to be Get a Pet?

Some NPC sellers will sell you vanity pets no matter what level your character is at. You only need to have enough silver or gold to afford to purchase them. You should also be able to have a high enough level to travel to the towns that have vendors that sell pets. If you can not get to these towns, then you’re able to buy pets on the Auction House, but be warned. This can usually mean spending more money than you need to.

How Do I Get a Vanity Pet For My Character?

Some pets are given as a reward for completing particular quests, which means your character will need to reach a specific level before you’ll be able to finish the quest properly. There are some characters that can make their own pets. If you chose Engineering as your profession, then you can learn to create your own mechanical pets. Rarer vanity pets are only available from random drops from monsters around the different continents.

There are also some cute pets that are very rare, as they are released by the game creators as limited edition pets for players to enjoy during special occasions.

Will My Vanity Pet Help Me to Combat Monsters?

Most vanity pets are nothing more than accessories or collector’s items. Many are very cute, but there are some that are really gross, like little slime blobs or snakes or spiders. Choose the pet that you feel suits your character the most.

How Many Vanity Pets Can I Have?

Each character can own as many vanity pets as you like. Unfortunately, the game only allows you to have one pet active at a time, so all the others will simply take up valuable bag-space while they’re not being used. There are some people who hold competitions to see who can collect the rarest or most unusual vanity pets. Because some of them are very rarely dropped by killing monsters in different parts of the world, this can sometimes be difficult.

I Already Have a Combat Pet. Can I Have a Vanity Pet Too?

Hunters and Warlocks are able to train combat pets to help them kill monsters and mobs during quests. This will not stop you from having a vanity pet as well, which means you can begin your own little posse to follow you around while you roam the continents.

Should I Sell My Vanity Pet?

Some pets are Bind on Pick-Up (BoP), which means you can only sell them to a vendor in a town or city. Other pets are Bind on Use (BoU), which means as long as you have not summoned that pet to you, you’re able to sell it at a profit on the Auction House easily.

While these decorative pet options may seem frivolous to some players, there are definitely plenty of options to make serious profits from these cute companion pets.

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Source by Andy Bower