One common theme throughout celebrity history is that all the big celebrities were marked out to be famous because they were part of a larger than life event. Some people are born into fame but find it hard to fill the shoes of there famous mothers or fathers. Other people become celebrities from starting out with nothing in life; you can include many famous people in this bracket from the likes of Mike Tyson to the great actor Robert De Niro.

Shakespeare became a celebrity in his own time because he wrote plays about universal themes that are true for all humanity, regardless of time period, gender, race, religion, or continent. It seems like our celebrity-obsessed society cannot get enough of the daily lives of such star celebrities.

When celebrity marriages go wrong it can get ugly at least from a public perspective on the public side. One of the most high profile splits in recent celebrity history was actress Jennifer Aniston and actor Brad Pitt. Another huge celebrity divorce Michael Jordans from his wife of nearly 18 years, Chicago bank officer Juanita Vanoy, could end up as the most expensive in celebrity history if his estranged spouse walks away with half his fortune.

The corridors of celebrity history are complete with cases of the young and rich having separated the rails by the time they reach maturity, I suppose it is an age-old problem the confusion between celebrity and authority, sometimes fame can make people start to believe they are untouchable.

Featured Image: Scarlett London

Source by Richard Heap