It is important to adopt, utilize and make complete use of the latest technology for everyone to match the pace of this changing world. If you are a teacher then you should be aware of the current classroom technology which makes use of the Interactive Smart or Whiteboard (IWB). If you are not yet introduced with the IWB then it’s the right time to match the current speed of technology.

IWB is a great piece of technology introduced in the educational field and it has shown amazing success in making the class more interactive. The simplest thought of inventing these whiteboards was to make lessons plans more interactive and enjoyable. Any additional notes or drawings are instantly added to a computer software program and explained on a big white screen. The computer screen is projected by a projector on the smart board which also eliminates the issue of uneven font & font size variation. This is still a challenge for students because of the fonts and drawing manually written or drawn by teachers using chalks on the traditional blackboards.

Many teaching resources are also made available on the internet. These are ready plans, templates, forms and time saver packs for teachers designed by many organizations. The available resources can easily be downloaded and added to your computers local disk and then shown on the IWB. The ready teaching resources also include the planned activities, “fun and learn” and tutorials which are really useful. Make use of all the latest inventions and technologies to make your life simpler & well managed.

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Featured Image: The New York Times Company
Source by Thomas Radcliff