Your bar describes the same attention to your décor as any other room would. And since your bar is a place to relax and unwind are you ready for that trendy barware that will help set the mood?

1. Corkscrews

Do not underestimate the power of a corkscrew. It’s more than just a plug. Your corkscrew can have a mix of functionality and décor with so many styles to choose from pick a theme or a pattern that’s trendy and fun.

2. Glasses

You’ve got to have matching glasses for those party drinks. It’s an essential. Your bar should have 6 good wine glasses, 6 solid rocks, 6 highball glasses, 6 Champagnes, and 6 beer glasses. Make sure they liven up the party.

3. Coasters

Are an important part of your barware that is often overlooked. And they are a great way to add a little color and fun to your bar décor. There are plenty of choices and you have to spend very little to get a great effect. Add a little art to your room.

4. Beer Glasses

Every bar has got to have at least 6 beer glasses. The Pilsner glasses are the best and always appreciated but there are certainly plenty of other choices out there.

5. Martini Glasses

Think modern cosmopolitan and consider it essential to your bar décor. They’ll look great and your martinis will suddenly take on an entirely new flavor. Consider retro polka dots to really make an outstanding statement.

6. Sangria Set

Every bar should have Sangria set. The tall slim pitchers usually hold around 70 ounces of fluid and it should have 4 to 8 glasses. Choose something funky. Art glass is a great choice or perhaps something with a seasonal flare like polka dots or stripes. Consider vibrant color.

7. Stir Sticks

If you want a bar addition that’s affordable but makes a big statement choose your stir sticks well. There are some great designs and styles to pick from and there are even art glass sticks which are very trendy. Check out the Mexican choices with the wonderful glass fruit tops. Will that be bananas, cherries, or kiwis?

8. Serving Pitchers

Every bar should have at least a couple of pitchers after all you never know what you might be serving. A beer pitcher is also handy. Choose hand blown glass, etched glass, bubble glass, or any of the other fun and funky glass options.

9. Shot Glasses

When stocking a bar glass glasses are often overlooked. Too bad because there’s nothing more fun than a shot party and with so many great glass choices you can definitely add some pizzazz to that bar!

10. Racks

Racks are important to keeping your barware organized and they can also make a terrific décor statement. Classic wood looks great and you can mount the racks to fit with your overall room.

Your bar says a lot about you and your tastes. Do not go lame and cheap. You do not want to be the talk of the town for your poor taste, do you? Instead, do a little shopping and find trendy barware that will have them talking about what a classy host you are!

Featured Image: Pinterest

Source by April Rounsville