Thursday evening brought some untoward news for Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi as hackers laid siege to his Twitter account. The hacker, as it turned out,  was apparently in no mood to let go of this opportunity easily.

So instead of not doing anything with the hacked account, he hurled abuses at the Congress party and the Gandhi family through a number of tweets. Moreover, he also changed the name, bio and photo of the handle.

Rahul’s team got to work soon after the news came out and recovered his account and also deleted the tweets. However, twitterati found this as yet another opportunity to troll RaGa and did just what they are best at.

raga twitter hack

We bring you some of the best tweets that will have you ROFLing in no time.

True that!


NaMo will hack his account



Abhishek Bachchan intends to change his password too. 😉


And, this is how the common man reacted.



Meanwhile in Delhi, Kejriwal also revealed his password.


Babu bhaiya makes sense everytime.



This makes sense.


Choose a strong password next time.



RaGa resetting his password.


Modi ji! Please resign.



RaGa is good at taking cues.


Another one!



Much needed dose of laughter. 😀 As for RaGa, choose a better password next time.

raga twitter hack