Pulse, a raw mango-flavoured candy with a tangy twist inside has become the most popular candies of recent time.

Experts suggest that Rs 6000 crore Hard-Boiled Candies (HBC) market, which includes Mango Bite, Pulse Candy and Alpenliebe, may grow at 1.5 times the FMCG growth rate. Evidence of this trend can be seen in the DS Group’s Pulse candy sales as they have gathered Rs 100 crore in 8 months, equalling Coke Zero’s record, according to the reports by ET.

The overall sweet candy market is growing at 14% Y-o-Y whereas the HBC segment is growing at 24%, the reports revealed.

Experts said Pulse Candy, which is a kaccha aam (raw mango) hard boiled candy with a tangy salt filled centre, was an innovation as it was launched at Re 1, which was followed by other companies. Before that, everybody was selling 4 gram hard boiled candies for 50 paise informed Shashank Surana, VP, New Product Development, DS Group.

Easy availability and a convenient price is one of the main reasons for the candy’s popularity as Rs 1 is easier to access than 50 paise. Also, lower price encourages some customers to buy in bulk. Due to this price it is certain that the candies will be available at every store from your neighbourhood kirana to large supermarkets, which expands their reach and sales.

In addition, market trends have seen that mango flavoured candies dominate popularity. Reports suggest that kaccha aam (26%) and mango flavour (24%) put together command 50% market share in the HBC category.