Prime Minister Narendra Modi may be one of the most serious men at work, but the leader is also famous for his tongue-in-cheek humour. An old video featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress leader Jairam Ramesh is doing rounds on the social networking sites. Modi, who was the General Secretary of the BJP from 1998 to 2001 in Gujarat, is seen in a conversation with Congress leader Ramesh and journalist Vir Sanghvi.

“I think the Congress is being honest when it says that it will not try to topple the government because the immediate goal and strategy of the Congress is to finish the Third Front and win their voters back to the party and till that is not accomplished, they will not turn on us,” Modi says.

It was then that Ramesh asked him if he’d like to join the Congress. Modi’s response is the reason people are sharing the video.

“Mr Modi, if you’d like to leave the BJP, then there’s a vacancy for you in the Congress,” he says.

What Modi said in response is pure gold.


h/t: Indiatvnews

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