The catchy punch line ‘thirty minutes or free’ used by Pizza joints is a thing of past now as now they are scaling heights to deliver on the mountain top.

Now you think why deliver a pizza to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro?

Because it’s there, and, for Pizza Hut, also to celebrate its new store in Tanzania, the African nation where Mt. Kilimanjaro rises more than 19,340 feet.

With a multiday ascent that ended May 8, a team of employees and Randall Blackford, general Manager of Pizza Hut Africa, landed the Guinness World Record for the highest altitude pizza delivery by land.

The team was led by professional guides to the top, where slices of pepperoni pizza were passed around.

It took four days for the pizza to travel from the new restaurant to the top of the highest mountain in Africa.


Pizza Hut, with its entry into Tanzania, is now in the triple digits as far as the countries that have access to the chain’s bacon spinach alfredo pizza with a bacon-stuffed crust, and other sumptuous concoctions.

The company is a division of Yum Brands Inc., which is based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Pravin Patel went to Tanzania to verify the record attempt and ensure that all the guidelines were followed correctly.

Milind Pant, President of Pizza Hut International told media, “We are thrilled to bring Pizza Hut to Tanzania and believe there is no better way to celebrate our 100th country milestone than by setting a Guinness World Records title for the highest pizza delivery on land to Mt. Kilimanjaro.”