In what can be said an amalgamation of science and godly blessings, a 70-year-old woman in Amritsar has given birth after 46 years of her marriage.

The couple – Dalbir Kaur and Mohinder Singh Gill were without children until now.

“Due to a family feud we never focused on our dream to become parents”.

But now they are the proud parents of a boy named Arman, thanks to the mother’s strong will.

In September 2014, Kaur declared she was going to the National Fertility and Test Tube Baby Centre in Haryana.


She overcame the protestations of the Haryana fertility doctors, who ultimately agreed she was sufficiently fit — as well as sufficiently stubborn — to give birth.

Arman was conceived through in vitro fertilization (sperm meets egg in a petri dish rather than a fallopian tube).

As per reports, Kaur’s health appears to be as good as her spirits and she is breast feeding her son.


Dalbir Kaur can be the oldest woman to give birth, not surely as her exact age cannot be determined owing to missing birth certificate. But she believes she is close to 70.

However, as per doctors she can be 72.


As per records, a 59-year-old woman named Dawn Brooke is thought to be the oldest mother who did not use reproductive treatments.