1. Boyhood

Termed as path-breaking and once in a lifetime film by critics world over, Boyhood is by far the best movie of this year. Richard Linklater was just fantastic and deserved nothing less than a nomination from the Academy for best director. I personally think he should have won it though. The casting could not have gotten any better. Ellar Coltrane is probably one of the most exciting young talents in recent days. He was mesmerizing right through with his unique natural charm. Boyhood is a 3-hour long movie and surprisingly, you will be left craving for more by the end. Such was the brilliance of Richard Linklater.

Bottom line: Hands down winner of our Sunday Blog’s Best Movie of the year 2014.

2. Interstellar

If Interstellar was a building, the four pillows would be Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan, Mathew McConaughey and Hans Zimmer. It has grand canvas, emotional content, high octane action sequences, enthralling music and above all a wonderful cast. Keeping with the commercial elements of Hollywood cinema, Nolan seamlessly blends the soulful father-daughter drama into the sci-fi action thriller. Technically astounding and acted brilliantly, Interstellar is both hair-raising and heart-tugging at the same time. That in itself is an achievement for a movie of such scale and grandeur.

Bottom line: Stellar filmmaking, Stellar cast, Stellar music.

3. Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is one of those rare movies with universal appeal. It has something in it for everyone. Beautifully crafted and wonderfully animated, the movie remains with you long after you leave the auditorium. The fact that it was a huge commercial success, collecting on par with mainstream movies like Interstellar and The Hunger games, reaffirms the reach of animation movies world over. Big Hero 6 is easily the best-animated feature film of the year. It will be no surprise if this turns out to be another hugely successful franchise on the lines of Despicable Me and How to train your dragon.

Bottom line: Anyone with a big heart is a hero.

4. Gone Girl

It’s always challenging to adopt a hugely successful novel into a movie. But one can be assured of a successful film from a director of the caliber of David Fincher when he has good material to work with. Gone Girl is dark, witty, abstract and at times disturbing. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike fit the bill perfectly and interestingly both their voices lend the much-needed depth. Fincher’s Gone Girl may not be the perfect film, but it is a perfect adaptation for sure.

Bottom line: Haunting and Disturbing to the core.

5. The Two Faces of January

The two faces of January belong to a very rare genre of romantic crime thrillers. Set up in the beautiful Greek locales, the plot revolves around three important characters played by the beautiful cast. Engaging and brilliantly gripping right from the beginning, the movie just picks up speed in the later stages and leaves you spellbound. The movie may not be classic filmmaking, but it has a solid story and tight screenplay to behold your senses.

Bottom line: Murderously good.

Featured Image: Fandom

Source by Sai Krishna Vangala