A retired Wisconsin prison guard has eaten his 30,000th Big Mac at McDonald’s, after 46 years. The man had his first hamburger on May 17, 1972, and since then he has been eating two Macs every day.

The 64-years-old Don Gorske of Fond du Lac recorded the milestone at a local McDonald’s on Friday, reports WBAY-TV. He claims that he has stored most of the boxes and receipts of the Macs he has eaten and even made specific notes in calendars that he’s kept.

Guinness World Records has recognized Gorske for the most Big Macs consumed since 2016 when his tally was 28,788. He says that he is able to set the world record just because he just loves hamburgers. He even had hamburgers on the day his mother died. Gorske told the station, “It’s just so good — it’s just like chocolate and I couldn’t get enough of at first, but still it is my favorite sandwich.”

In case you are wondering about his high cholesterol and blood pressure after eating all the junk, Gorske claims are both his cholesterol and blood pressure are normal. In 2003, Ellen DeGeneres even asked to have his cholesterol checked and the outcome was 140, which is normal. In fact, the man now weighs five pounds less than he did 5,000 Big Macs ago.