There are various myths attached to the birth of London and its name. But, notable significant changes can be seen in London from the eighteenth century onwards. In 1716, it became a compulsion for everyone to hang a light in front of the door which used to light from 6 to 11 pm. In the early nineteenth century, one can see the formation of wide arteries like new oxford street and Regent Street. So it can be said that London became the witness of some exclusive advancements on grass root level in the contemporary time period. So it was obvious for London to be the prime center of activity for the whole world. As being a prime center; all luxurious facilities were in demand and hence luxury hotels in London upgraded themselves with the latest luxury items like ergonomically designed spa, yoga and tools of personality development.

Luxury hotels can be classified from five to seven stars hotels. Some exclusive features of such hotels are guest services, activities, location and ability to reach the center of the city. Combination of refined style and legacy of the city is the fascinating feature of luxury hotels. While staying in these hotels, visitors can get the feel of being associated with the rich and prosperous culture of the great London which is a unique experience.

Luxury hotels in London provide you the true family environment and friendly relaxing atmosphere with all modern comforts and fragrance of royal British culture. These hotels have their own restaurant, café and lobby bar. Another exclusive feature of luxury hotels are their vicinity with the world heritage sites and iconic landmarks like the house of parliament, tower bridge, the tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly, Buckingham Palace and many more.

Sometime we may find some persons who have waited whole life to visit London as its exclusive identification attracts often. Hotels in London also understand such emotion which brings people to London. These hotels pay special attention towards such customers. If the visitor is a senior citizen then these hotels may offer a special discount for them which can be very supportive efforts to make one’s lifetime dream embodied. So a conscious visitor must visit the official websites of luxury hotels to find the cheap and best deal. All deals, rate, discount, etc are usually available on the official websites of the luxury hotels. Beside the official websites one can visit some premier tour- tourism websites to fine such lucrative deals which can make you London trip very much affordable. The best things associated with these hotels are that even on a discount price they never restrict special facilities like 24 hours room service, air conditioning, health club facility, TV and internet service, etc.

In this modern globalization era, companies are taking more care of their employees to get the best from them. Hence, now companies are arranging meeting venues in luxury hotels where employees are allowed to spend a whole day and experience the luxury. The recent study reports also support this latest trend as it helps in enhancing the productivity.

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