Other than being known as the most celebrated author of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling is widely noted to have been very generous with her fans. Every time a fan calls out to her, she makes it her duty to respond to their requests.

This time the lady has obliged a 12-year old girl from the Himalayas, in India, whose wish is to meet JK Rowling. Kulsum, a student of Haji Public School in Jammu and Kashmir, wrote a letter to her favorite author. Who knew she would get the sweetest reply?

Kulsum wrote that she is highly inspired by the life of JK Rowling because even after facing many difficulties, she never gave up. The girl also pens down her desire to meet the author when she grows up and wishes her a long life.

When the letter was tweeted to the author by Twitter user Sabbah Haji Baji, JK Rowling replied to it in no time. Sabbah Haji Baji invited the author to come visit them in the Himalayas. To which JK Rowling replied:

“Please, can you send me Kulsum’s full name by DM? I’d love to send her something.”

This heartfelt gesture from the author made her win many hearts and Twitterati showered her with praises.

This is not the first time that the author has poured love on her fan but in the past, JK Rowling has sent signed copies of her popular Harry Potter books to a 7-year old fan in Syria.

Later the Twitter user also shred Kulsum’s reaction when she heard about the response from her favorite author.