Parents are often concerned about introducing the concept of kid play food to their children especially if their kids are boys. The usual idea is that kid play food may be just for girls. This may not necessarily be the case. A lot of certified chefs are males and they may have started with just their own set of kid play food. In most cases too, kid play food can effectively teach kids healthy eating habits.

In introducing kid play food to your kids, it is important to take a close look at each food item in a kid play food set. Try to pick kid play food items that have gender neutral colors. You can also go for a set of various appliances and utensils like ovens and grills just to make sure that you have a “manly” set of kid play food appliances. As for kid play food design, it would help your kids if you picked items that are simple in design and easy to recognize.

If you are a parent with a specific food or eating habit rules and principles, then you should also consider weeding out kid play food items that go against your beliefs. Vegans, for example, can take out all the meat items. Whether you are a vegan or not, however, it is also a good idea to take out all the junk food items or items that may actually eat too much sugar and preservatives. These items can include packs of junk food, pies, hard candies, and cola bottles.

You can encourage kids to become more interested in their kid play food and on food and health in general by bringing your kids to the grocery as you shop for food. It is also a good idea to let your kids help around in the kitchen when you prepare and cook food. Your little boys can be tutored by the father of the house to remove all traces of role stereotypes.

Teach your kids how to play with kid play food by participating. Line up some stuffed toys or have the toys sit on chairs around a table. Help your kid prepare a prepared meal and serve the meal to the stuffed guests. It is suggested that you maintain constant communication with your child as you prepare the partial meal. Ask her what ingredients are in the meal she is cooking and why these ingredients are good for people to eat. Make “yum-yum” sounds as you feed each stuffed guest.

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Source by Sally Hamlin