Virat Kohli has not just made the country proud but his fans are beaming with joy over his first-ever Test hundred on English soil during the second day of the ongoing five day Test series. His smashing score made many jump out of their seats and shout loud in excitement. Looks like even the Amul Girl couldn’t control her excitement and came up with a spot on the poster to celebrate the century.

Amul took to Twitter to share the poster containing the wordplay with the cricketer’s name. The poster read ‘Viratuoso Performance’ and the read was captioned as, “#Amul Topical: Kohli’s solo master class in batsmanship!”

The quirky wordplay is directly linked to Virat and Virtuous which means an expert or highly skilled. The poster also had a Virat Kohli cartoon standing with open arms as a lone fighter sailing on a raft by adding, “towers above the rest” in the tagline. Virat Kohli has definitely emerged as the backbone of the team. The celebration was not just of the team but the whole nation celebrated. Here are some of the reactions netizens had-