Magic is that instrument that transforms all human into that world which they can only imagine. The world which is full of happiness and joy, place far away from the harsh reality of the existing world, a place that is like the story of Cinderella. Somewhat fairy tale, all people in today’s world what they needed is actual love. The pure and innocent love, that lost somewhere. Today men are packed with so tight routine of office that they had no time left for family or love. Spending time with each other is like taking an appointment to meet some celebrities.

The spirit of celebrating festivals and family gets together is a rare case. That bonding of togetherness is lacking. Generally, in all relationships, whether it is of parent and child, lovers or partners the attachment is lacking. It is due to far distance jobs. People somewhat are attracted towards money. As it is the Satan ruling the world. At such place, attending lovely gift or greeting can create magic. It can bring joy and happy tears in the eyes of loved ones. It can add that magic which is spellbound but cannot be expressed in words. It is the gesture of love, which can be express only at the bottom of the heart.

It surprises the joy that shows that still, the loved ones are worth. No one can take the place of our loved ones in this hungry world. Presenting a gift to parents or to children or partners reveal that distance matters nothing. How far the distance can be but the distance of heart always finds its way. Gifting someone a gift for a special occasion such as birthdays, anniversary or valentine day recalls that the person still misses you and loves you lot. Presenting gift is like that magic which some heavenly fairy has spelled its magic stick. With that, all the surrounding is filled with a special kind of aroma, the aroma of respect, love, and joy.

It surprises that satisfaction to the heart that no one can ever measure it. It is not important to buy an expensive gift. As it is said that gift is a gift what counts is that someone with love has gifted it. Giving gift can bring happiness on the face of dear ones. That happiness is like heavenly bliss. It is easy to understand sorrow to others but to give happiness is very rare. To regain happiness in today’s world is very rare, and doing that by sending a gift is an added advantage. To wipe tears of others provides that joy which is next to god. Gift and greeting are like a ray of hope. It brings that light in man’s life, which can not be bought with any money. The smile on face and thinking that you are still important in the life of the person gives immense pleasure. That magic can steal the heart of many and hard to forget.

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Source by Keith Cangiarella