If you are trying to clean your carpet and stubborn dirt looks to stay like forever, then here’s what to use to save you from further headaches: The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge. Probably the best carpet cleaner available in the market today, it delivers amazing results at an affordable price. This is based on my own personal experience with the product.

Let me give you an overview of what the Hoover SteamVac is made of. First of all, it has 5 spinning brushes which you can operate at low or high speed. The brushes can lift the usual dirt and grime out of carpets. A brush indicator will inform you if the brushes are spinning. For tougher stains, the product’s Clean Surge feature can send an extra squirt of cleaning solution into the stain. It also has two separate water tanks that keep clean water from dirty water. The top tank contains the soap and a gallon of hot water that are automatically mixed. The lower tank, on the other hand, holds the dirty solution picked up from the carpet. The carpet cleaner also has a long hose with a length of 8 feet which is ideal to use for stairs and upholstery cleaning.

Equipped with a powerful 12-amp motor, it can clean more effectively than any other carpet cleaner. It is also easy to assemble and use and it has a one year warranty. Although the plastic parts of the product may be a downfall to this since it may be prone to easy breakage, proper handling may avoid such problem. After all, you do not clean your carpet every day, so the appliance will certainly not be abused. Also, I can attest that hose-leaking was never an issue to me ever since I have used this product, as well as the carpet, is left wet. The latter is absolutely not going to be a problem at all since the SteamVac, from the name itself, forces hot air into the cleaning path, making drying the carpet easier and faster.

To all house mommies out there who are having a hard time cleaning their carpets, I personally would recommend this product. It does not only fit our budgets, it also makes our lives as mothers easier allowing us to spend more time with our families and not on household chores.

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Source by Jaymie Janowsky