Gurgaon to Gurugram

New Delhi: Haryana government has rechristened Gurgaon, the sprawling suburb situated on the outskirts of Delhi, as it will now be officially called Gurugram.

The decision was taken by the ruling BJP government claiming that it was the result of a long pending demand of the municipal corporation, an aim to bring people closer to the ‘rich heritage’ that historic city and once had.

However, the reason behind this unusual move has a direct connect with Indian epic Mahabharata.

It is believed that Gurgaon derived its name from Guru Dronacharya, the master of archery in Mahabharata who tutored the Pandavas and Kauravas.


The village was given as guru dakshina to him by his students and hence it came to be known as Guru-gram, which in course of time is said to have got distorted to Gurgaon.

Guru Dronacharya is believed to have resided here in an ashram with his wife Mata Sheetla. A temple dedicated to Mata Sheetla still exists in old Gurgaon.

The change also triggered a debate on social media with many questioning the Haryana government’s move.

Many argued that instead of a much-needed change in infrastructure and development of roads and highways, precious funds are being routed to unnecessary symbolic changes in the city.