Like many of us, you probably have an idea, or several ideas, for the perfect movie. How many times have you watched a movie and thought that you could have done better? How many times have you imagined movies in your head starring your favorite actors? You probably have a lot of movie ideas running around in your head but you do not know how to put them on paper.

Hollywood has always given the people what they want. When an idea sells, they are more than happy to jump on the bandwagon and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a screenplay or idea that will sell to the general public. But how do you get that idea on paper and across the general public to see?

There are several ways that you can get your movie ideas discovered. Here are a few:

Write a screenplay

Writing a screenplay takes a lot of work as well as a knowledge of the abbreviations that are used regarding camera angles terms in the world of filmmaking. Before you write a screenplay, you should understand something about film and also understand how to write a screenplay. The average screenplay is 120 pages long and consists mostly of dialogue. It will be up to the director to decide which angles should be shot and how. If you have a lot of ideas running around in your head and are great at dialogue writing as well as changed in film terminology, you should write a screenplay.

After you have written a screenplay, you should have it committed and then proceed to pitch it to producers in the hopes that someone will pick it up as an option. They will sometimes pay money for the rights to the screenplay and the movie will never see the light of day. Or they will hire someone to re-write it. This can be frustrating for anyone who has taken the time to write a screenplay.

Pitch your idea to a producer

This is the best way to get your idea across to a real producer, who will be the person you want to woo when you are trying to get your movie ideas discovered. The trouble with pitching your ideas to a producer is that you have to get a meeting with a producer to enable yourself to do this. It is sometimes easier to get a meeting with the President of the United States than a Hollywood producer. You can pitch your idea to a producer who does independent films, however.

One problem with doing this is that the producer may like your idea … and take it as his own. You have nothing in writing and he can just as easily claim that it is his idea. You are better off to be well established before you go this route.

Post your idea on a movie idea website

If you write down your movie idea on a movie idea website, you can not only save yourself the trouble of writing a full-length screenplay, but you have something in writing under common copyright that will protect your idea from theft. The internet has changed the way that producers and other people who make films judge the value of screenplays as well as movie ideas. If you post your idea on a site that allows the public to vote on the quality of the idea, you may very well get your idea discovered by a producer who will only be too glad to negotiate a price for the idea.

If you have ideas in your head for movies, think about posting them on an internet site that you can trust. One that will not only give you feedback on your ideas but can also catch the eye of a producer who will be interested in buying your idea for a film.

Featured Image: Movie Pitcher

Source by Ashley Conway