I have talked about how obesity is taking over our country and more importantly our youth. As August rolls around, the end of summer is near and the kids are going to be back in school soon. We all know how damaging fast food can be to one’s health. I am not writing this article to explain that to you. I am writing to talk about he learned habits that our youth get from eating this sad excuse for food.

In the past, every meal was prepared by hand. Dinner was a family affair with everyone sitting around the table eating and talking about their day. Sadly, the world has moved away from this and people now have every excuse there is for not taking responsibility for their meal choices. Parents do not realize that it takes just as long to go to a drive through as it does to prepare many simple dishes at home. Especially if you live in a city, it may even take more of your time to get fast food.

I hear it all the time. Parents complaining that they never have any time to spend with their kids. Helping parents learn how to cook with their kids and allow them to learn a new activity, learn a new tasty dish to prepare, and uses food as a way to bring the family closer together. Cooking is something that almost every elementary and junior high student will find interesting. Cooking will also bring happy memories out in the parents, which will help the family dynamic grow stronger.

The amount of time wasted picking up fast food is one issue but the main issue is the habits that the kids are learning from their parent’s actions. Kids are not born craving junk food or fast food. That craving is something that is learned from viewing those around them. If parents are good role models their behavior and food choices will be impressed upon their kids. Teaching kids how to cook enables them to make those choices even when their parents are not around.

It is our job, as industry health professionals, to make sure we are educating both the kids and their parents about healthy, organic food choices. Teaching kid’s nutrition through cooking is a great way to spark their interest and gives them more responsibility for their food choices. In the end, teaching kids to cook will give them one of the most important tools needed to be successful and healthy.

Featured Image: Juz Deals

Source by Michael P McCoy