Is there really someone who has an IQ level higher than the legendary scientist Albert Einstein? The answer is yes!

Mukund Soni, a 10-year-old kid of Indian origin who lives in Mayfair Avenue (Ilford), scored a perfect 162 in the Mensa’s verbal reasoning Cattell III B Scale, which is higher than Einstein’s and Stephen Fleming’s score of 160.

Mukund took the famous Mensa IQ test in the month of March and achieved the highest possible mark of 162.

The Mensa IQ test can be taken by children aged over ten and a half years and consists of two separate sections. The first section deals with verbal reasoning skills, while the second is the image-based Culture Fair Test in which he scored 142.

A student of Highlands Primary School, Ilford, Mukund Soni has now joined the executive list – only one per cent of candidates taking the test manage to achieve the highest score possible.

When asked about what preparations had he done for the Mensa IQ test, Mukund Soni said that he just took some online IQ tests before appearing for the exam.

He also told that the test was quite hard and the time limit was very tight but he managed to complete it.

When asked about how he is feeling after having beaten Albert Einstein’s and Stephen Fleming’s score of 160, the 10-year-old genius said, “I feel really proud to become one of the youngest people to achieve the highest possible score in the IQ test.”

Mukund’s father Mahendra Soni said that they knew that Mukund was an intelligent boy but were quite surprised when he came up with such an excellent score in the Mensa IQ test.

“We knew that he will get in the top 2 per cent but to get a score like this is really incredible,” Soni said in an interview to an English news channel, adding that he had done well in his 11-plus test.

When asked if he would like to come to India and use his intelligence for the development of the nation, Mukund said, “I would like to come back to India if I find a really good opportunity, but for now I would like to stay in England for my education.”