Delhi has become a home to many bizarre and shocking incidents nowadays. A while ago we heard about a father-son duo cheating businessmen pretending to be from NASA, now the news had it that a 50-year-old father killed his own son after a dispute regarding his daughter-in-law’s cooking skills.

As reported to The Times of India, Shantaram Ujjainkar, the father-in-law, was angry at the way his 19-year-old daughter-in-law Rekha had cooked the vegetables and served him. Rekha had served the dinner to the accused while her husband 24-year-old Krishna was away at work. Angry at the food, Ujjainkar threw the meal into the gutter and informed about it to his son when he returned home.

The son joined the father in abusing the wife but later after dinner, when Krishna went for a walk, Shantaram got into another argument with Rekha and hit her in the abdomen. When Krishna saw his wife getting assaulted, he asked his father to stop. Central police station sub-inspector S K Shere told the paper that, “When Krishna told his father to not assault his wife, Shantaram assaulted him and he died on the spot.”

This is not the first incident in Delhi where people are being killed over food. In another such bizarre incident, a 30-year-old food stall owner was stabbed to death for refusing to serve free food to some local goons. However, one of the accused was arrested on the spot, the man lost his life for nothing. The goons had even harassed the food stall owner many times in the past.