We are pretty sure you guys have paid numerous visits to the PVR Cinemas. Weekend after weekend with every release, you find yourself sitting in the cosy chairs with a popcorn bucket on your lap. However, irrespective of the number of trips you’ve made to the nearest PVR did you ever notice that the third row from the top is always booked, whatsoever.

We didn’t either. But a Quora user, Akt Agarwal, did. While he was booking a couple of seats for the movie Nil Battey Sannata released in the month of April, he observed this.

Here’s the snapshot of his ‘Book My Show’ application on Day 1 – First Show.



Snapshot of Day 1 – Second Show.




Same story Day 2 – First Show.




Day 2 – Second Show.



Surprised by the situation, he immediately got in touch with the PVR management team.

The management team confirmed that the pattern is followed to make sure that the seats available for the VIPs arriving at the last minute. And, if no VIPs or important personalities turn up for the show, then this row is the last to be booked.

Sigh! We just gave you a heads up on where to look for the seats just in the case the show seems to be full.

However, this policy is only followed by PVR Cinemas & subject to change at management’s discretion.


h/t: Quora

Images Source: Quora