This incident is a classic example of ‘trying to be cool and end up hurting yourself’. It all started when a Chinese man tried explaining how to light a cigarette from flaming alcohol and ended up setting his crotch on fire. This epic fail video has gone viral and has been shared on social media platforms multiple times.

At the start of the video, the over confident man, sees at the camera to teach how to pass on the flame from burning alcohol to cigarette. Just before he was about to sip the flaming drink, it spill on his lap, setting his crotch on fire.

Terrified of what happened, the man then calls out his non-camera facing friend and the two desperately try to extinguish the fire. The duo can be seen in panic mode and one can be heard Mandarin: “Water – pour some water over it.”

Towards the end of the viral clip, one suggests the another to take the trousers off. The clip has been viewed more than a million times on Chinese social media. The health status of the man is however not known. As they say, some stunts are too dangerous to be tried at home.

Watch the clip here: