Due Date

Good comedies are hard to come by and those that come are like a breeze of fresh air that cheers the mind and freshens the body. Due Date is one such Top Movie fare. A simple story, woven around a straightforward road journey taken by two diametrically opposed personalities, has been well told by Todd Phillips, who has dealt with the age-old subject in a very novel way, making full use of the capabilities of his actors, especially Robert Downey Jr., a veteran of many Top Movies.

Robert Downey Jr. plays a successful Architect, who has clients in far-off cities and on one such occasion has traveled all the way to Atlanta for a business meeting. After concluding his business and in a hurry to get back to his pregnant wife, he gets caught in unwanted situations, which turn out to be most hilarious for the viewers and most irritating for him. Portraying a character which gets very abusive and can even resort to physical assault, the controlled anger displayed by Robert is like a volcano, ready to erupt anytime. A gutsy performance by Robert and an equally impressive presentation by Todd Phillips, who has always made Top Movies, make Due Date a real treat to watch.

On his way back to his home, where his expecting wife Sarah (enacted by Michelle Monaghan, veteran of many Top Movies) is due to deliver anytime, Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr.) meets Ethan Trembley (played by Zach Galifianakis, actor of many Top Movies), an actor by profession, on the flight. A hilarious scene ensues when their belts get entangled and Peter just blows his top but cools down when he learns that Ethan has glaucoma. But the incident does not go well with the airline security staff and both are de-boarded and put on the no-fly list. Forced to be in each other’s company, they continue their journey by hiring a car.

Their various small but mad antics on way sum up the rest of their journey. Somewhere along the line, in the second half, the movies get on the same old formula that Todd tried in his earlier hit movie, The Hangover, which incidentally was a Top Movie in its time. But Robert has carried this movie well on his shoulders and his fine performance, somewhat evenly matched by Zach, make the movie a laugh riot. A tight grip on the narrative, ever-changing fast pace of the movie and some appropriately place songs do make Due to a good hilarious movie to watch. If you do not raise any ifs or buts, you sure can sit through this comedy.

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Source by Jesper Joergensen