Looks like even thieves are on a spree to get famous these days! It was not long when a video of a thief breaking into an impromptu victory dance after breaking into a building went viral that a similar case has happened in the capital city of Delhi. A thief spontaneously broke into dance before he steals from a shop in the city.

The Delhi thief, on his way to loot a shop along with two of his accomplices, was seen doing a quick performance including pelvic moves and Govinda style dance, as captured on the CCTV. According to ANI, the incident happened late night on July 10. In the video, it is seen that the guy, with his shirt left unbuttoned, tries to break into a shop but before that shows his sassy dance moves pointing in the direction of the CCTV camera. The three men had their faces covered with handkerchiefs.

ANI took to twitter to share the video-