Custom bathroom vanities are bathroom vanities that are designed according to specific requirements of customers. There has been a rapid growth in the custom bathroom vanity industry in recent days, and these vanities are widely known for their interesting and innovative designs.

There are furniture-style custom bathroom vanities with Queen Ann legs or arched skirts. Some may have marble tops, granite, or Corian stone, and some even have glass tops. Teak wood cabinets and raised or flat panel doors are available. Custom bathroom vanities even come with unusual veneers including walnut burl, ash burl, and zebra wood. You can have a single sink or multiple sinks in accordance with your usage, and the vanity tops can be tailored according to individual requirements and the edges can be smoothed to prevent injury by bumping against them.

There are a number of things to be kept in mind before designing custom bathroom vanities. First, it is necessary to decide the number of bathroom sinks needed. Then, decide whether there is a necessity for additional sinks, as these sinks can give way to extra storage space. Thirdly, consider the space in vanity tops and cabinets for keeping toilets and other accessories. Shape and color are other factors to bear in mind.

When purchasing custom bathroom vanities, it is important to give preference to certain details such as the choice of bathroom vanity light fixtures. The positioning of lighting is important as this can make a stunning difference in the look and feel of a bathroom. Vanity mirrors used in a creative manner can make a small bathroom look larger. Custom bathroom vanities are to be selected in such way that it suits the entire bathroom and so that it adds to its elegance and charm.

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Featured Image: TEKA Kitchen Gallery Inc.
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