Filmmaking is a big project, but you can still make a homemade film with fabulous film ideas and rent a video camera. When you have finished the movie, you can enjoy the short film with your family or friends together. You can also make an interesting or creative short movie with your children, and they must like to make a movie on themselves. Before you start to shoot the film, you’d better prepare a short movie script or just a good movie idea. Here are some good short movie ideas, and you can pick one if you do not have any better movie topics.

Shoot a short science fiction movie. Parents can write a short and easy science fiction movie script, and the children can act out in the movie. For instance, you can shoot the video about aliens. Dress the children up as astronauts, so children can have interesting talks and other communications with aliens. You can make props with stuff you don’t use and create the movie set in the courtyard. If you don’t like aliens, you can also find other science fiction topics or scripts on the internet.

Besides science fiction movies, you can also shoot a short movie about sports. The parents and children can play the tennis, basketball, baseball or football. Shoot these scenes and clip the exciting moments and make a good sports film. Otherwise, you can ask children to re-enact exciting moments from past sports games. If you are going to shoot the football playing scenes, you should ask more children to play the football. Choose exciting background music to emphasize the exciting motion scenes in the short movie.

Addition to these movie topics, you can also shoot your daily family life. Though you can watch many similar scenes from TV series, your own family life is the unique one to all your family. Take out a camera and shoot everyone’s daily life. And you can use the footage to edit a warm short movie, which can be precious memories to all of you.

What is more, you can shoot children’s role play games. Dress them up as cartoon characters, such as Disney’s Cinderella, Little Mermaid or Snow White. You can rent these costumes from physical stores or online sites. Record the children when they are playing different characters. If you want to have a good quality of the film footage, you can also rent a professional camera, which is also available in some video camera site.

Featured Image: Sinema

Source by David Ali Bowman