Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence recently told The Sun that she was bullied as a child. The current darling of Hollywood, it’s hard to imagine anyone picking on Jennifer Lawrence.

Celebrity bullying typically occurs long before the person becomes famous. In Jennifer’s case, the bullying occurred mostly in elementary school with some bullying taking place in middle school. Jennifer told The Sun that she changed schools frequently because some girls were mean.

Today, the 22-year-old star’s inherent clumsiness is seen as endearing (she recently tripped at the Oscars and tore her dress at the Screen Actors Guild). However, school-age bullies might have perceived her clumsiness differently.

Surprisingly, the girls in middle school, a notorious few years for any adolescent, were “less mean.” Jennifer told The Sun about an incident involving a girl who wanted her to hand out birthday party invitations to a party she was not invited to. In true Jennifer Lawrence fashion, Jennifer handled the bullying by “hocking a loogie” on the invitations and throwing them in the trash. Jennifer went on to express her feelings about bullying: Do not worry about the bitches. As hard as it is to imagine anyone bullying Jennifer Lawrence, it appears that she has not let it get the best of her.

The Jennifer Lawrence celebrity bullying story is one of many recent revelations involving stars and bullying. Tyra Banks, for example, discussed bullying with Dr. Oz last year and revealed that not only was she bullied as a child, she later became a bully to others. Tyra explained that those doing the bullying are actually hurting more, that they have their own internal pain, and that they are like vampires who seek vulnerable victims because they are so weak.

Other victims of celebrity bullying include: Christian Bale (frequent beats), Demi Lovato (hate petitions and tauntings), Steven Spielberg (seen as a nerdy outsider and victim of anti-Semitism), Winona Ryder (beat up in middle school), Lady Gaga (did not fit in and felt like a freak), Chris Colfer (stuffed in lockers), Megan Fox (picked on), and Tom Cruise (numerous fights).

If that sounds like a lot of celebrity bullying, it’s just the beginning. According to Look at the Stars’ Stomp Out Bullying campaign, one out of four kids are bullied and child/teen bullying and cyberbullying are at an all-time high. Many celebrities are using their stories and star power to change those statistics. As Jennifer Lawrence and Tyra Banks may say, do not worry about the bitches; they are weak vampires.

Source by Albert W Walker